The best kick detection concept depends on the cause of the influx. Traditionally kick detection concept has been to monitor the active volume to look for changes or pit gain. This concept only works when there are no other phenomenon occurring simultaneously.

The real benefit of our concept is when the influx is caused by swap out, thermal effects and/or hydrate formation. In both these cases an increase in active volume or gain may not be seen until it is too late. Early kick detection concepts based on pit gain does therefore not work in these cases. Our concept; drillaid™  uses the best technology available regardless of the cause of the influx. This is the real benefit you get from our technology.  The influx is detected early, regardless of the cause of the influx.

To learn more about thermal effects and swap-out, explore our research page.
  • Blocked or restricted line
  • Downstream choke plugged
  • Hydrate plug (in the riser or riser outlet)
  • Changing well conditions
  • Closed outlet valve.
DRPPS is our patented system to meet the demand for better pressure protection of the drilling riser. If the riser or riser outlet is blocked or restricted for some reason, the patented system will ensure a “back door” or relief from the bottom of the riser through the booster line. The PRV system discharge will typically be to the Mud Gas Separator (MGS) or to some other safe location. Future Well Control also holds another patented design with an alternative method where the PRV is located in the lower part of the riser with discharge directly to the sea.
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