Bridging the gap between customers needs and available technology

I am in virtually complete agreement with the points you quite nicely presented. So I congratulate you for doing the kind of work I too often fail to see, and thank you for bringing up these important points.

VP technology company

Thanks for sharing your project with the industry which is very interesting.

We as drillers have forgotten the importance of this topic and it is very unfortunate specially when we drill wells that I described below.

senior Drilling Engineer
major energy company

Your dissertation was like a forensic study, step-by-step. You used simulations to back up your ideas. I liked your work, and it was great work.

It is important for the industry to have a better understanding of what can go wrong in deep water drilling situations, and your findings did just that. That is the value of your work.

associate professor


To advance an industry in a more sustainable and environmental friendly way requires collaboration. We believe in collaboration with authorities, operators, service providers, academia and other stakeholders. Our vision can only be achieved by collaboration.

Even our logo is inspired by collaboration. The logo represent people sitting around a table. People and companies with different and complementary qualities are required to achieve changes. Together we are stronger.

If you want to find out more about our patented Technology or our Research work, do not hesitate to contact Future Well Control at

Future Well Control collaborate with academia, research organizations, operators and public funding organizations.

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